10 Ways Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Can Help You

Disasters can’t always be avoided, but DRaaS can save your data from the resulting downtime due to outages.
View the top 10 ways DRaaS can save your bacon.

Recover from Ransomware…FAST

 It takes many hours to recover from a ransomware attack, and that downtime threatens the success of any business. With DRaaS, you can restore operations in minutes — without having to pay a ransom.

Acts of Nature – Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Floods

 When natural disasters hit, they’re an immediate threat to business continuity. DRaaS provides built-in disaster insurance by providing your users cloud-based access to their email, databases, and other apps even when your servers are underwater.

End User Error

 Despite your best efforts, downtime can happen with a few careless clicks. Social engineering attacks can trick your employees into sharing user credentials and sensitive data. DRaaS lets you recover data fast if it’s accidentally deleted or lost.

Spilled Coffee , Power Surges, Bad Disks (Micro-disasters)

 One of the top causes of downtime is hardware failure. Finding, purchasing, receiving and installing new hardware due to micro-disasters takes time. With DRaaS, keep your business running in the cloud while all that stuff is sorted out.

Hardware Upgrades

 Performing a hardware refresh and upgrading your production environment – whether they are planned or unplanned — forces you to contend with downtime. Things get painful before they get better. Instead, run your environment from the cloud while the production environment is prepared and failback once it’s ready.

Sandbox for Production Testing

 Maintaining a separate test environment can be expensive, especially when you want to do a test against full production data. Your DRaaS environment can be used as a sandbox for production testing since it already contains replicas of your systems and built-in network connectivity.

Lift & Shift (migrating workloads to the cloud)

 For organizations that want to “lift and shift” their production workloads from on-premise servers to any third-party public cloud (e.g. Google Cloud), DRaaS lets you automatically capture workloads and migrate them – effectively running your applications in failover mode in perpetuity.

Pass Compliance Mandates with Flying Colors

 DRaaS lets IT-constrained managers test their disaster recovery procedures with impunity – allowing you to perform unlimited self service tests. Plus, leading DRaaS providers over top notch security and encryption of your data in transit and at rest within top-tier data centers, all baked into the cost of the service.

Stolen Laptops

 When your company laptop goes missing, it’s time to leap into action! Whether it was stolen from your car, forgotten in the airport security line or was physically wrenched from your hands in a grab-and-run. With DRaaS, you can quickly recover your data and applications on a new laptop.

Ahhh …. Peace of Mind

 It’s hard to put a price tag on peace of mind. Regardless of the security processes you’ve put in place, you always need a failover site available for your data and systems — to protect against the unexpected. DRaaS provides operational resiliency with no loss of production data and no interruptions to your business.

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